Monday, May 16, 2011

my weekend project

i've been a busy bee this weekend. i am always a project girl but i've kicked into even higher gear the past few weeks. i love this stuff! and the more i do, the more inspired i am to do even more! 

a chronic list maker, i have some to-do's that i need to accomplish in order to get the house "finished" (or as complete as it can be at any given moment.) this weekend's goal was to fix up the bedside tables for our master bedroom. 

i bought a pair of chests several months ago at the wisteria outlet. they are really large for bedside tables but were perfect for our space. they were this funny greenish color ---

but give me a little paint, tape and some great knobs from anthropologie ---

voila, the finished product!  a vintage looking chest. our bedroom is still the most incomplete so this is a really cropped image but everything is in process and we are almost there! more to come soon i promise!

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