Tuesday, August 16, 2011

splish ... splash!

we held our son's 2nd birthday party recently for all of his little friends. we weren't sure he would really understand what it was. boy were we wrong! he LOVED it and definitely knew it was all about him. i love having parties at home (and so far have done all of the kids' birthdays at our house.) we did a little back yard theme with boats and whales to celebrate as it is HOT, HOT, HOT here! i generally choose a color theme or the invitation (of course!) first and then run from there. this time, i went with green and navy and ran. very nautical colors and boyish! wish i'd gotten a few more pics but was enjoying spending time with the birthday boy!



brown eyed blogg said...

so cute lynlee. love it. and i always adore your homeade birthday cakes! :) so sweet. cant believe how big brown is getting!

traci zeller designs said...

So super cute, Lynlee!!