Tuesday, March 20, 2012

back to blogging ... tuesday's turquoise

it has been a challenging, exhilarating, exhausting, enlightening 18 months for me. all culminating with the sale of my stationery and invitation business and going full time with lynlee harvey AT HOME consulting and design in 2012. for a girl who has always tended to play it on the safe, predictable side, this was a huge step. and i am so thankful every day that i was brave enough to take a leap! 

finally, the perfect job for me. and yes, on a construction site talking about concrete, masonry, electrical switches and drywall. i'm so excited that i might have even described myself as "giddy" to my best friend last week! 

as i was perusing my files to get back in the blogging world, i found the image below in the turquoise category. a little entry i made into a blog contest of tobi fairley's in october of 2010, the first and only blog contest i've ever entered ... and all two days after i even started reading blogs at all. i happened to win ... yay! and this all played a significant part in why i am where i am today. back to my belief that everything happens for a reason.

naturally, it involved my favorite color, turquoise! :)


Liz Carroll Interiors said...

Congratulations Lynlee!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

In This Wonderful Life said...

glad you are back!! Congrats on the phone new venture!!

I don't have new construction, but I can I hire you? I only live 4 hours away, haha. Specially..to tell me if I need a round rug under my round table...my current headache, haha.

Love the inspiration board!