Sunday, March 20, 2011

bunk rooms

spring break from preschool meant this mommy and her two needed out of the house. so we headed on a mini-vacation (well two actually). we ventured with two other mommies and SEVEN toddlers to our friend's lakehouse for two nights and then with my parents and sister to our cabin about an hour away this weekend. the two fun trips got me thinking about one of my favorite (albeit quirky) loves --- bunk rooms! they are such a great place for guests (especially little people) at a cabin or lakehouse. or how fun for a grandparent's home? i REALLY want one in my own home. one day!

and how great FUNCTIONALLY (a requirement for me right up there with pretty and organized). you can sleep lots of people in a small space. and it is fun and cozy!

a fun retreat at the grandparents' home

a weekend home in north carolina by design firm marsden willis

serena and lily --- loving the pair of birds nest hanging lamps

and my personal favorite.

p.s. i promise i will be much better about the sourcing on these images going forward. everything i'm using is from the days before i even knew what a blog was! 

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Jenni said...

I LOVE these room. Too funny i have so many Bunk rooms just like these cut out and saved for plans for our cabin, my house or my parents house one day!