Wednesday, March 30, 2011

prettiness in your fridge

what if your fridge was THIS organized? 

i've had my eye on these functional clear containers from container store  for some time now. and how excited was i to get this email from container store today. i hope they have a place at my house one day soon! i keep all my sandwich items in one bucket so that i can grab the whole thing out at once (without rummaging for cheese, chipotle mayo, avocados and turkey all separately) but this would be a much PRETTIER way with the whole fridge and freezer full of them! there is a special place in my heart for baskets and containers of all sorts. happy organizing!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tuesday's turquoise

much like these homes, the only color i see in my otherwise neutral home is my all time favorite TURQUOISE! i tell my four year old daily that turquoise is a neutral ... and see? these great designs agree. 

simple. welcoming. calming.

house of turquoise via pink wallpaper

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it's all in the details

if you know me, you know i have a love of beautiful homes, fabulous invitations and stationery, well organized, functional spaces, personalized EVERYTHING and parties! 

in all of the above, i love the details. all of the little things and the thought put in to them is what makes the final effort such a success. and so pleasing to all of those that enjoy it.

i especially love the birthday parties i have for my kids. i think about them for six months (or more as my husband knows) before the big day. i generally pull the theme from a great invitation and then fun colors that appeal to me. for my oldest's fourth birthday a couple of weeks ago we had a teepee party with some fun pink and orange accents to keep it pretty! :)

these cute lunch boxes (best idea EVER) made it easy to load most of the meal ahead of time and add the grilled cheese right before party time. boxes available through lynlee&co. add your own coordinating ribbon and make your own cute label or find lots on etsy (like at tomkatstudio).

the bulk of the party (including the dessert table) was moved indoors at the last minute due to the unpredictable march weather in the south. (ignore the somewhat crooked cake. i always make them myself and they taste yummy but aren't the prettiest creations. i'm getting better which is scary to see where i started. on the to-do list: cake decorating 101.)

fabulous stand used for smores that i found at the wisteria outlet (have you been there? great finds.)

another great addition for this party (read all about it here at him and her plus four), my equally party loving best friend and i bought these great tables and chairs. if local, the tables and too cute chairs are available for rent.

trail mix party favors for the happy campers

happy trails!

this mommy tested out her sewing skills on this homemade teepee ... hmmm, cute but rather crooked and not so functional. it was relegated to the front yard.

thank goodness for grandaddies who have REAL teepees. as you can see, even the daddies were impressed. we could have fit the whole party inside it! 

happy trails to all! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesday's turquoise

pretty pops of turquoise appear in all aspects of my life!

these turquoise lamps are beautiful in this foyer design by the extremely talented (and smart, kind and eloquent too!) tobi fairley
loving the turquoise of this easter bunny tee in my new etsy shop, theBEANandBROTHER

i REALLY love this fabulous aqua graphic throw from cococozy. too bad Christmas, my anniversary and birthday all just passed! maybe a "welcome to the blog world" gift???

 and i love this party tray from macbeth collection so much that i even have a second one in my office. it's handy for corralling papers as well as serving appetizers and drinks. available through lynlee&co in a variety of colors and patterns. maybe you can serve mom breakfast on her own personalized tray for mother's day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

bunk rooms

spring break from preschool meant this mommy and her two needed out of the house. so we headed on a mini-vacation (well two actually). we ventured with two other mommies and SEVEN toddlers to our friend's lakehouse for two nights and then with my parents and sister to our cabin about an hour away this weekend. the two fun trips got me thinking about one of my favorite (albeit quirky) loves --- bunk rooms! they are such a great place for guests (especially little people) at a cabin or lakehouse. or how fun for a grandparent's home? i REALLY want one in my own home. one day!

and how great FUNCTIONALLY (a requirement for me right up there with pretty and organized). you can sleep lots of people in a small space. and it is fun and cozy!

a fun retreat at the grandparents' home

a weekend home in north carolina by design firm marsden willis

serena and lily --- loving the pair of birds nest hanging lamps

and my personal favorite.

p.s. i promise i will be much better about the sourcing on these images going forward. everything i'm using is from the days before i even knew what a blog was! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

tuesday's turquoise

i am a neutral girl at heart. until it comes to turquoise. i feel like it deserves a day on my blog every week!

an otherwise neutral home looks wonderful with this pop of color!

or as personalized notes to say please and thank you.

can be found at my paperie store here 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

kitchen love

one of my current favorite kitchens is by beth webb and nancy pendergrast. love the symmetry, simple lines, neutral finishes.

i thought (a little too much) about what to write for my infamous "first post". i have tons of great ideas but want to get the feel of blogging before i get to the good ones. :) so the decision was made to keep it simple. 

i think kitchens appeal to me because they are as much (or more) about the structure, organization and building process than the furnishings. and what a better room to love since we always end up there!

via the roof over my head
 via house and home