Monday, May 23, 2011

room for children

children's spaces are an interesting mix. how to make them fun and functional for the kids ... while making them stylish and (at least partially) calming for you! 

a client and i are currently working on the playroom in her new house. after i'd already completed the plans, i found this picture that i thought she'd love. we both love little nooks and what a fun place for her kids to have their own space. so we added in the area and had the framers build a little playhouse/bunk bed area. her's also has a large window on bottom and on top. here is the inspiration photo. and give us a few more months for completion and you can see the wonderful final space. (p.s. she is awesome at thinking of ideas to keep her kids inspired so also stay tuned for a great dress up closet and many more unique ideas!)

i also love the book room for children by susanna salk. with a foreward by kelly wearstler, it is an inspiring book. grown-up style while the rooms still feel like they belong to the kids.


In This Wonderful Life said...

love these rooms! the one you are working on looks great!!

I will try not to send you a please help me on nursery email, haha.

traci zeller designs said...

I love little nooks! They are such a great use of space - so functional and so fun!