Wednesday, July 20, 2011

girls night

it was my month for non-bunco (our original name when we started the group six years ago as we assumed we'd talk too much to ever make it around to actually playing) in july and i got to use my amazing new dessert plates that my in-laws gave me for Christmas! since my kitchen, dishes and table (like most of my life) are neutral, i love the splash of color and whimsy and how they update our wedding china, crystal and sterling. i also use this approach of simple with flair in my wardrobe and home.

and i always love a good southern monogram.  side note: did you know that according to etiquette, linens are monogrammed with the woman's initials? technically in olden days, the linens were already sewn and monogrammed before the girl was even of marrying age so they even had her MAIDEN monogram and came to the marriage as part of her trousseau. mine were done just a few years ago and have my married monogram. i spend quite a bit of time discussing proper monograms with brides, but more on that later!

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